Wrting The Longest Wooden Railroad story was like trying on a new hat!

Life is made for a costume—in my opinion. So, part of the dress-up has to be a great hat. However, although it feels good to me (as I tuck it on by clicking the keyboard) it has to look delightful to anyone else who chooses to gaze at my work. I believe the visual arts are poorly represented in the new electronic media that most authors publish in today. In my first self-published novel, I purposely ran counter to that trend by including a host of visuals: great cover, poetry (thankfully not my own, although I did take a shot at it) sketches and photos. I'll let the reader decide if having a real book in their hands again— allowing them to thumb around, fold corners, spill coffee on and contemplate adding color of their own to the sketches, was worth the $14.95.
Part of the proceeds are directed to the Good Shepherd Orphanage in Guanajuato, Mexico which I have supported for many years. The work of the Catholic Sisters there, runs counter to other social welfare services for children in other countries. Not only does the facility provide food, shelter and spiritual guidance to children; It is also serves as a school and haven for battered women.


The prequel to the Rainbow Road Trilogy entitled, The Angel's Backbone, will be available by November 10th, 2019. The series is expanded to include five novels of historical fiction that will span 100 years of history in Oregon, 1869-1969. The Angel's Backbone traces the roots of Verin Palmer, patriarch of the Palmers, one of the early pioneers to settle in Oregon. In the company of trusted friends, he makes a hasty decision to go west rather than wait for the Transcontinental Railroad, completed later that year in 1869. Traveling the last one-hundred miles across the treacherous Barlow Road, known to be the most difficult of the Oregon Trail will be his season of effectuation. The final volume , Yellow Cake, Yellow Earth, is currently being written.

A beautifully illustrated children's book entitled, What Could You Be? will be available November 1st, 2019.
Something new has appeared on little Claire's farm. What is it? It moves, and talks to her in 'squeaks' so it must be alive. However, it doesn't look like any animal on the farm or in her big book of circus animals. She decides to give it a name, a combination of three animals she knows. Still, something is not right.
What Could You Be, is a delightful adventure for a child's imagination.
A coloring book with the same story is available separately and includes a package of colored pencils.

I have received shipments of all three books: The Angel's Backbone novel (14.95), the children's book entitled What Could You Be (22.95), and a coloring book with the same story (12.00). I will be selling them off the website rainbowroadtrilogy.com, at the Holiday Market the first two weekends, November 16-17 and November 23-24 in space 56 in Eugene at the Fairgrounds and at the Lane Library Association Book Faire December 7th. They are also available on Amazon. Hope to see you at one of the events.