The Longest Wooden Railroad

An isolated lumber community in the Coast Range of Oregon builds the longest railroad ever attempted using available wooden planks for rails instead of iron. A work of historical fiction set in 1929 and during a decade of significant change for women; a community overcomes its differences in this believable story based on a forgotten chapter of Oregon History. The race to complete the tracks to High Pass to become entrepreneurs in the new lumber industry in Oregon, creates a life-long bond between two very different women. An untested locomotive must prove it can pull the grade and one person will stop at nothing to see that the line doesn't complete the last half-mile of track.

Comes with an original art bookmark

This beautiful original art bookmark adds colorful visual appeal and important insights into the story and its author. Written by author/editor Mycheille Norvell, this added bonus to the reader will help support the work of Good Shepherd Orphanage in Guanajuato, Mexico, where services are provided to both children and women in crisis.