The Color of Shadows

By 1949 World War II had been over for four years but a new war had taken its place, the Cold war. Newly appointed police Inspector Grayson Palmer must solve three murders near abandoned military bases in Oregon. He discovers their identity is a closely guarded secret. A killer known only as the Painter declares Eugene, Oregon a "theater of war," and seeks to expose the dead mens' secret while administering his unique form of justice.

Is it a veteran still fighting World War II or a former prisoner of war from one of the west coast camps? Could the killer be a communist spy? Inspector Palmer becomes mired in deception at the hands of the home guard known only as Nomelian. Who can the Inspector trust? Even his girl friend, Ruby and long time friends Hiram and Polly Jack become suspects in this thrilling conclusion to the Rainbow Roads Trilogy. For friends and lovers, enemies and patriots alike, it becomes The Season of Emnity.

Comes with an original art bookmark

This beautiful original art bookmark adds colorful visual appeal and important insights into the story and its author. Written by author/editor Mycheille Norvell, this added bonus to the reader will help support the work of Good Shepherd Orphanage in Guanajuato, Mexico, where services are provided to both children and women in crisis.